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Our original ceremonial matcha was blended with the purpose of making it an everyday drink. To make this happen, we blended our 100% organic matcha with Kabusecha, a premium quality sencha.

The creaminess of matcha and the sweet-floral aroma of Kabusecha make this blend unique, yet extremely smooth with a taste that keeps you coming back for more. Not convinced? Drinking matcha provides a balanced amount of L-Theanine, which is a natural amino acid present in matcha and sencha, which also happens to add umami. Matcha enthusiasts and first-time drinkers alike can enjoy and reap the benefits of drinking our blend everyday. Better yet, it’s a great substitute for coffee (for those trying to wean off coffee). Simply add a teaspoon of matcha blend to your water bottle, shake, drink, and then kick back as matcha will relax and hydrate you.


Our matcha is sourced from the Kirishima Mountains, in Kagoshima prefecture - Japan.

Enjoy our matcha and sencha blend to intake 100% of the benefits of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

Organic Japanese Green Tea.
All natural. No additives.
No preservatives. Non-GMO. Gluten-Free. Vegan.

40g (1.4oz) / 9.5 teaspoons 

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Mitzi L.
United States United States
Really tasty

This matcha is awesome and super tasty, I decided give it a chance to have this instead of coffee early at the mornings as an energy booster and it works even better than coffee, and it's delicious, I loved the warm lattes.

United States United States
Afternoon Delight

As both an avid coffee and tea drinker, I love to drink my green tea in the afternoons. This matcha did not disappoint! It is the perfect tea to get through the "afternoon slump!" I often find coffee to be too strong, but this match is perfect and provides just the right amount of refreshing energy needed, and it tastes wonderful!

Albert B.
United States United States
Subtle taste, aroma, blend, and color esp. for athletes and leaders!

The highly refined matcha powder mixed well in my hot water and also in my Vitamix with ice, honey, yogurt, and almond milk. The smell is fragrant and a really good color! I run 4 miles a day and the mix is great as a drink supplement, hot or cold and is great to have next to my MacBook as I take on work email and crush the day! I feel pretty healthy and energized, not overly caffeinated throughout the day.

Petia D.
United States United States
Great and healthy refreshment !

I play beach volleyball a lot and usually just have water, since I don't like the sports drinks. I found this refreshing Matcha drinnk that now keeps me hydrated in addition to all the other healthy benefits it provides. I would highly recommend it!

Carleen V.
United States United States
Amazing!! Best Matcha Ever.

I was so impressed with this product. I love Japanese matcha, but was having a hard time finding just the right one is America. What I love about this matter is it’s flexibility. I used it in hot tea, shaken with cold water, and in smoothies. It tasted exactly as the matcha should taste. Even better, I used this tea to replace my daily coffee. I feel more energized throughout the day. I highly recommend the premium blend if you like the taste of true matcha.