Get to know us, our tea farm, and the benefits of SOL MATCHA!

SOL MATCHA brings the traditional Japanese green tea into a modern perspective and the contemporary wellness spotlight. We help to connect traditional tea farmers with the rest of the world—taking them into the new, connected economy, while helping to preserve their craft.

About Kagoshima Matcha
about our tea farm

Our green tea farm is located in Kirishima, in Kagoshima prefecture of Japan. The abundance of mountains, clean air and water, and the cool moderate temperature make this an ideal place for organic cultivation.

They have been in the tea business for around 140 years and they are one of the leading tea processors in Japan. Their production is presently led by 10th-degree tea masters.

The Tea Farm
Health Benefits of Matcha

When it comes to health benefits, Powdered matcha provides benefits that no other food, drink or even traditional green tea can. Containing antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, all while hydrating the body.

Everyday life

No matter if you are going to work, relaxing at home, or exercising, SOL MATCHA will be your GO-TO. Just a drink a day and you can get countless health benefits. Why don't you replace that can of soda with a cup of SOL MATCHA and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!